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  • Conseils-Plus mission: Integration of customer invoicing
  • Industry/Sector: military / scientific
  • Business: research for science and defense
  • SAP solution: SAP ECC6.0



Based in Saint-Louis, in the agglomeration of Basel, the St. Louis Research Institute is a binational establishment operated jointly by the Federal Republic of Germany and the French Republic on the basis of an international treaty signed in 1958. The institute’s mission is to carry out basic scientific and technical research and studies in the fields of defense and security.

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The stakes of the mission

The ISL project involved integrating the billing process into the existing sales flow while at the same time modifying the entire flow. The objectives of this project, inscribed on a limited perimeter and in a tight schedule (5 months), were varied:

  • Optimize business performance by reducing the waste of time in the double or triple entry of information within the SAP sales contract, the invoice and the entry of the SAP accounting document.
  • Structuring the flow by creating links between objects and in particular enabling the linking of an SAP accounting document to an SAP sales contract.
  • Harmonize reference frames by removing duplicate customer records (created by both the sales and finance departments) for example.

Conseils-Plus support

Conseils-Plus ensured the integration of the customer billing process by getting closer to the SAP standard and making sure not to change the overall sales flow. After the validation of a prototype solution meeting all the needs expressed, Conseils-Plus integrated the solution. By listening to the client, it has led to a final solution by iterative improvement of the prototype. Conseils-Plus then supported and trained the users of the new solution to ensure the transmission of knowledge and the proper use of the customer billing process.