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Conseils-Plus, Consulting firm in organization and information system


ERP Integration

Today, SAP consulting has changed and is focusing more and more on Application Management. The project-focused mode is now confined to upgrade version projects on S/4 Hana or sometimes to the evolutionary Application Management. As a result, in France, implementation projects are rare..

At Conseils-Plus, we made the choice to be positioned differently. In fact, our activity is mainly focused on the project-focused mode through:

SAP hana

S/4 Hana deployment (S4H, S4C, Single holding, multi-tenant) in France: our deep knowledge of S/4 Hana, thanks to our experiences, allows us to make our proposals attractive.

Business design

Implementation of the ERP SAP Business ByDesign, which targets smaller entities (startups or subsidiaries of large groups in particular) that are not equipped with information systems.

The 2 components for integration projects at Conseils-Plus

SAP On Premise: (ERP SAP S/4 Hana)

to achieve our projects at controlled costs and schedules, we use a particular methodology focused on our pre-configured CommodIS. This methodology is based on a design by gaps and the delivery of a prototype so as to have a solution 80% completed within 3 to 4 months.

SAP Cloud (ERP SAP Business ByDesign):

by offering packages, our brand Sileron, dedicated to the Cloud, proposes an approach based on SAP methodology. A first phase is made to measure the gap between the company’s processes and our vision in order to work from the first weeks of the project on a prototype. The implementation of Cloud solution brings a significant reduction in implementation costs.

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Example of a mission at Conseils-Plus

Implementing SAP in six and a half months

Our customer wanted SAP to be implemented in less than 7 months by covering all of its business activities. The deployment concerned finance, controlling, joint ventures, production contracts, purchases, maintenance…

The challenge could only be achieved through the use of the pre-configured CommodIS based on its methodological package, in particular its deviation analysis methodology and the construction of an iterative prototype.

We definitely made it in terms of planning and budget. The result was a collaboration followed by the deployment of Business Intelligence and Human Resources management solutions.

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The principle of pre-configured is based on the observation made by Conseils-Plus during its many implementations according to which 60 to 70% of the activities of the companies are similar (process of purchase, sales, financial, maintenance, human resources…).

The principle was therefore to produce a system, the pre-configured CommodIS on S/4 Hana, within which these 60 to 70% would have already been parameterized.

In addition, in order to increase its hedge ratio, additional versions relating to certain trades were developed: oil (IS-Oil), mines (IS-Mining) and utilities (IS-U).

Thus, implementations subject to recurring time-consuming tasks can be by a methodological approach, adapted and based on the pre-configured, reduced by the order from 30% to 40%.

The benefits of a pre-configured
in projects led by Conseils-Plus

Reduce implementation time and costs (fewer and shorter project phases).

Take the need into account, in an exhaustive way:the teams will focus on the specificities of the company during the gap management workshops and they will quickly put in place a prototype from which iterative exchanges can take place.

Guarantee the durability of the solution (the specific becomes standard…).

Maximize user satisfaction (user-oriented methodology, time spent by Conseils-Plus carried over from realization to training …).

Using the pre-configured SAP CommodIS makes it possible to quickly set up a reliable and durable solution.


For an SME, redesigning its IS is an important step which clearly transforms the company. The demand for predictability from business managers is growing in terms of transformation costs, implementation deadlines, processes and expected earnings. In order to provide them with answers, Conseils-Plus has created SAP business solutions and packaged solutions to offer turnkey solutions to companies.

Based on the innovative methodologies proposed by the SAP editor to deploy Cloud solutions (SAP ACTIVATE, SAP LAUCH), Conseils-Plus offers a packaged approach. That is to say that we offer you a turnkey project, for a defined budget, a given scope, a planned deadline, pre-parameterized content, in other words, elements that complete the SAP solutions adapted to your job.

The benefits of a packaged project:

optimisation des coûts

Predictability of costs,
the budget is defined.


Budget and deployment time reduced from 20% to 30% compared to an On-Premise solution.


Good business practices in addition.

Using a Conseils-Plus package helps secure the adoption of a reliable and sustainable solution.

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It is in a context of economic austerity that companies of all sizes must manage their activity as closely as possible to ensure their sustainability and anticipate the resumption of growth.

With a team of Business Intelligence with varied profiles, Conseils-Plus guides you throughout your projects management and performance optimization. Conseils-Plus is not a simple Business Intelligence implementation firm, it is a consulting firm, which provides you with all its know-how for the design, implementation and deployment of customized steering environments.

Our areas of intervention go from designing Data Warehouse to setting up budgeting modules and defining your dashboards and reporting.

Our approach is to make the most of your information system to provide you with effective management solutions that are fully integrated with your environment. The historical positioning of Conseils-Plus around SAP allows us, for example, to bring you special expertise in your SAP BW and SAP BO implementation projects.


SAP BW (Business Warehouse)

SAP BW is recommended in the best practices of the editor to store, process and aggregate a large volume of information. It gives the possibility to cross different data sources and to apply the management rules that are specific to your company.

The Conseils-Plus BI team, with its expertise on the tool and its versatility on SAP ERP issues, can assist you in the implementation of a global Data Warehouse standardizing all the information of the company (SAP or others) to ensure consistency with the data used in your dashboards and reportings.

SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) 

The Conseils-Plus BI team can also assist you in the design and implementation of budgeting projects. Totally integrated with your SAP ERP environment, our global vision on your IS allows us to offer nested BPC/BW solutions allowing you to keep a real consistency between your historical data and your projections. A real benefit that frees you from the usual pitfalls of data reconciliation and allows you to focus primarily on analysis.

Thus, you will be able to display data extracted from your FI/CO, SD/MM modules, etc. to consult them in your Excel files and to enter your forecasts. It will even be possible via BusinessObjects to compare your budget with your forecasts in a single report. All of that in real time!

The Conseils-Plus Approach

But Business Intelligence also evolves and offers new practices on which Conseils-Plus is also able to support you.

The current company must be dynamic and responsive, it must be able to adapt quickly or risk falling behind the competition. Where traditional tools can analyze the history and know the current situation, the new tools also analyze data and quickly identify new trends and influencers.

These tools of Data Visualization and Data Discovery allow you, very quickly and without heavy implementation project, to answer the questions for which the classic tools of Business Intelligence had until now no answer.

For Conseils-Plus, Decision-Making process is an integral part of your entire SI landscape. Our BI teams are quickly involved in ERP projects to anticipate the usual pitfalls that you encounter when ERP and BI teams do not coordinate.

Conseils-Plus BI consultants
are not simple developers of these technologies

They do know your issues and your fields of activity. Their mission cannot be summed up in the strict fulfillment of your expression of need: their vocation is to assist you in drafting this expression of need, to identify the solutions specific to your environment, to anticipate the problems that you have not thought about and to propose the best implementation solutions depending on the context (functional coverage, time, cost, etc.).

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The Application Management does not escape the need for flexibility and changes, which is why Conseils-Plus offers an innovative offer adapted to the needs of its customers.

The Application Management at Conseils-Plus, also known as the Center for Support, Maintenance and Expertise (CSME)

TMA Tierce Maintenance Applicative

The Application Management is a new generation customizable offer, with operation comparable to a prepaid card. After you have paid the “commitment fee”, you can consume your credit (number of tickets purchased), as you wish to request the intervention of our experts, without constraint of volume or time.


Conseils-Plus is a SAP training firm, SAP certified training organization, referenced Datadock and approved training center (Agency number 11754662875) – as requested in France.

For the last 19 years, Conseils-Plus has been offering its customers trainings on SAP solutions and project management, whether technical or functional (on many modules).


Conseils-Plus favors tailor-made courses from beginner to advanced,
according to your needs and issues.

With a program adapted to your needs, we prepare with you the
training by integrating your issues and your environment
(the trainings are carried out in your SAP system).

Proven pedagogy